You love your pets and you want the best for them. If they hurt, you hurt. Sometimes they make you laugh and other times, you feel like crying. But most of all, you love them and want the best for them.

Just like with your human children, you worry that you aren’t doing enough for your pets.  Perhaps you can’t decipher what Kitty is trying to tell you. Or maybe your dog suffers from separation anxiety, and you have no clue what to do about it. But if you lead a busy life, you may not have time to spend searching for answers.

We’ve all been there! One of my Great Danes suffered horrible skin allergies, and neither the vet nor I could fix it. After months of trial and error, I found that she was allergic to corn and chicken. Removing those offensive items from her diet cleared up my dog’s skin.

I’ve learned a lot over many years of owning cats and dogs, through trial and error and with the help of several veterinary professionals. I have also spent years working in animal welfare and with other pet owners.

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